8 Habits That Make Employees Valuable

Good vibes - habit checklist

There is More Than One Way to Stand Out

Many people think they need to be a top performing salesperson to bring value to a company. Have you considered what you can do to stand out in the crowed at work? Can contribution outweigh the cost to be employed?


1. Don’t wait to be asked or approached.

Many employers are accostomed to telling people what to do. ESCO is focused on building a workforce that takes responsible action according to their role and what is best for the customer.

2. Relieve tension and pressure, don’t be the pressure point.

Stress can be expected when customers aren’t happy or respectful. It’s not always easy to meet the needs of customers and employers but learning to be a problem solver can alleviate challenges and develop thick skin.

3. Be the solution, not the problem

It can be easy to get caught up in reactive behavior or thinking. Employees can create value when they can anticipate a problem and find creative ways to respond rather than reacting.

 Here is a quick video about Reacting vs. Responding: Credit Proctor Gallagher Institute

4. Plan the work

The most successful and efficient employees we have generally plan the work to be done before they lift a tool or a pen, depending on their role. Taking the time to think through each step will help reduce time on the job and improve the customer service experience.

5. Do your homework

We want to reward those that are willing to continue learning and growing. The quickest way to improve your career is to always take a learning approach. Keeping up with industry knowledge is a sure way to make sure your brain is the sharpest tool in your box.

6. View the path ahead

Even in a maintenance or equipment replacement position, there is alwasys value in thinking ahead. Employees can create value when they strategize and imagine how their effort can impact the whole. Can you save money on a job and still do it correctly? Can you take extra steps to ensure the customer is getting what they need?

7. Build relationships

It is a common complaint in the workplace today. People are looking to sabotage others rather than build them up. We want a workplace that is focused on the success of those around us. What one thing can you do today to help or build someone next to you?

8. Be grateful

Compliments for Coworkers

  • Having you on the team makes huge difference.
  • You always find a way to get it done – and done right!
  • You always see projects through.
  • Thank you for always providing feedback and solutions in meetings.
  • Your unique perspective has been valuable to me.
  • I appreciate your positive attitude even when it’s almost impossible!

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